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About Us

In Early 2006, owners Curtis and Melinda Turner started a small exterior cleaning company named Mineral Area Pro Wash. When the company was originally started it was more of a way to make ends meet with 2 small children. After several years of growth and learning it became evident that this company could be so much more. After about 5 years of growing the company and holding down a full time job Curtis was able to leave his previous employer to focus on just the company. Within just a few more years Melinda was able to join the company full time as well.

As the company has continued to grow outside of the “Mineral Area” the decision was made to start the companies 16th Year with a new name! That is when the company become what is now just Pro Wash.

Pro Wash is built on a team of professional exterior cleaners that excel not only in the cleaning department but in the customer serivce department as well. Our mission is to provide the absolute best service experience that our clients have ever had. Our Safe Softwash cleaning methods and commitment to the highest level of customer service have made Pro Wash the highest-rated exterior cleaning company in Southeast Missouri.

About Mineral Area Pro Wash
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Pro Wash operates off a set of Core Values that has let us SHINE in the service industry:

Spread Happiness – Smile and Wave, be Cheery and Polite anytime you are representing the company!!

Have Passion – Show Pride, Enthusiasm and Dedication in everything you do!!

Integrity – Act with Honesty and Integrity! Do what is right when no one is watching!

Noble – Hold yourself and our company to the highest standard. We are the best because of you!

Excellence – Exceed Expectations, Treat Customers and Team Members like they are your Family!! Always Over Deliver!

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