General Questions

We will receive your quote request and begin the estimate process.  As long as you provided all the information that was asked for on the form we shouldn’t need anything else from you to get you a quote.  Keep watch on your email Inbox and Spam folder for your quote.

No, roughly 90% of the quotes we do are able to be completed online without having to visit the property.  We use many different online resources to view photos and obtain information about your home.  If you have had recent work done on the outside of your home please let us know.

No, roughly 70% of the houses we work on no one is home at the time of service.

We accept, cash, check and visa or mastercard.  We will leave a paper invoice onsite at the time of service and we will email you out a invoice after the service is completed.  If you would like to pay by card there is a 3% convinence fee added on and you will be able to pay via the email invoice.

No, we are actually very resonable for our services.  Our professional grade equipment, expert training and years of professional service allow us to safely and efficiently clean your home and other exterior surfaces with minimal expense.  Our house wash pricing starts at $225.00 and goes up from there depending on the house and what all you want washed.

Yes, we have the ability to tank water to the site for your cleaning.  If you cleaning requires more than 1 tank of water there may be additional charges.  It can take a considerable amount of time to go reload our tanks.

No we do not.  Over the years we have learned to stay in what we specialize in and that is the washing of buidlings and houses. Plus the neccesary soaps are completed different than we need for our other services.

No I am sorry but wood restoration is not a service that we offer.  The best we can do for a wooden surface is a gentle rinse off while we are washing the attached house.

Yes, we wash lots of commercial properties including apartments, retail locations, restaurants and hospitals.

Yes it is!! After 15 years of growth we decided we needed to remove part of our name that was tied to the area of our home office. Outside of that area people just didn’t know what Mineral Area meant, that and it was really a mouth full and made for a very long email address. lol

House Wash Questions

No, our cleaning process rely’s on professional grade cleaners to loosen and dissolve dirt, grime and mildew.  We use a high flow, low pressure system to apply our soaps and then rinse away the grime.  When washing a house there is never a time that we can’t put our hand in front of our wash gun.

Our cleaners are designed to kill the mold and mildew that is growing on the outside of your home.  Therefore if not used properly they could cause harm to plants or grass.  We always wet down the plants and nearby grass and dilute our cleaners as much as possible, resulting in no damage to your plants.

No, our low pressure, high flow systems allow us to reach 3+ stories safely from the ground, while getting the same level of clean that is acheived on a single story wall.

Unfortunately, not much. These little black spots are the result of what’s commonly referred to as Artillery Fungus or Shotgun Mold. It develops in hardwood mulches around the foundation of a house and is usually a greater problem in the spring and the fall, when conditions are likely to be cool and moist. Trying to remove these spots is almost impossible and usually leaves a small brown dot. The best solution is to remove the hardwood mulch from next to the house and replace it with a different ground cover such as granite or decorative rock.

Potentially yes, If it is a fragile item or a if it is completely blocking the area that needs to be cleaned then you will need to move them. For instance, wind chimes or hummingbird feeders, I highly recommend you moving them so there is no risk of damage to them.  On the other side though if you have a rocking chair on the front porch it will be fine because its large and we can easily work around it.

Roof Cleaning Questions

The stains on your roof are caused by an air-born algae called gloeocapsa magma that thrives on the limestone filament present in many types of asphalt shingles. Normally dormant during the winter months, this type of algae will start growing on the north or shaded side of the house and tends to spread very rapidly in a humid environment. “Roof algae,” as it’s called, can also drift from house to house.

Fortunately, this algae can be removed safely and effectively. We apply a chemical solution recommended by the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association with a low-pressure sprayer that compares in pressure to spraying your roof with garden hose.  This allows the cleaners to safely kill the algae that is feeding on your roof.

Window Cleaning Questions

No, I am sorry but we no longer offer interior window cleaning.  Our focus is on the exterior of your home.

Yes, we use the latest in spot free window cleaning technology that uses DI Ionized water to scrub your winters clean.  Our cleaning method ensures there is no sticky soap residue left behind to attract dirt to.  Our water would compare to the pure water they use in hospital laboratories to clean beakers and vials with.

Christmas Light Questions

No, I am sorry but we do not install customer supplied product.  We only install commercial grade custom fit product for your home.

Our all inclusive full service lease light plans include, installing custom fit professional grade LED lights on your home, business or bushes, season long maintenance on the lights, take down and then storage of all the items.  We take the headache of the holidays completely away.

Well every home is different but our average first year is around $600.00 dollars.  Consecutive years get a 20% discount.  This can vary widely based on the amount of lights and decorations that you want installed.

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